Transitioning to Adult Services


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For young adults with disabilities, graduation means more than a high school diploma. The exhaustion of your child’s educational entitlement marks the transition from services under the Department of Children & Families (DCF) to the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

What We Can Do

  • Guide you through the application process to secure services through DDD
  • Ensure Medicaid eligibility and maintenance through our Representative Payeeship program
  • Interpret the NJ-Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJ-CAT) and guide you through completion
  • Provide or connect you with support coordination services
  • Connect you with our Family Connections and Mentorship programs

Planning For Adult Life

Families and guardians often have many questions as their young adult transitions from youth to adult services. CAU’s statewide Planning for Adult Life presentation series is here to help steer you in the direction that is right for your family. Contact us today to find a presentation that fits your needs.

Impending Graduates

The 2019 Graduates Guide is here! The Division of Developmental Disabilities publishes a timeline for individuals graduating to help guide them through the process of transition — click here.

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