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Day Habilitation Services



Four bedroom home in Union with vacancy for a male on the second floor. Residential staff are on site 24/7 and receive advanced training to support...

Everyone needs structure and activity to stay productive and meet his or her goals. CAU’s Day Habilitation and Employment services provide just that — our expertly designed adult education and training programs can help you or your loved one build a skillset and achieve maximum independence.

Based on needs and interests, CAU offers members multiple options for Day Habilitation. Members have access to daily rotating schedules of classes where they learn independent living, goal-setting, transferable life skills, job readiness skills, and much more.

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Check out all our options below to get started! Our staff is available for facility tours, information sessions, and more at your convenience.

Day Program
Day Program
Academy of Continuing Education
Academy of Continuing Education

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