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Our approach to behavioral management works to increase positive behaviors and create lasting outcomes. No matter your needs, we can provide supports both at home and in the community.

Virtual behavioral management services are available. Contact us for more information to determine whether virtual behavioral services are a good fit for your family.

What We Can Do

  • Complete behavioral assessments
  • Develop and implement structured behavioral modification plans
  • Ongoing training and supervision of caregivers and behavioral aides
  • Periodic or as-needed reassessment of behavioral plans
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Behavioral modification plans can include individual and/or group counseling, behavioral interventions, diagnostic evaluations, or consultations to help individuals build and maintain appropriate interactions with others and ensure successful community integration.

In-home behavioral support services are guided by the principles of positive behavior supports and applied behavior analysis. The assessment process, as well as the intervention plan, focuses on person- and family-centered care.

Our Team

At CAU, we employ a team of BCBA-licensed behaviorists and licensed social workers with a skillset as big as their hearts.

Our caring, educated professionals are constantly coming up with creative solutions for our behavioral members. Sensory rooms, therapy animals, and hands-on activities are just a few of the strategies CAU offers. Our staff’s qualifications include:

  • Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA)
  • Masters and Doctorates in Psychology
  • Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Working together with the member and their family or caregiver, the behaviorist will write a functional behavior assessment (FBA) that will then be reviewed and approved by a BCBA before being reviewed by the family. Each report includes a behavioral support plan that includes an outline of goals and justification for each individual. These goals will be designed around person-centered values and family needs.

The CAU team also utilizes strategies such as incentive plans, individualized and group counseling sessions and natural supports training.

  • Skills
    • Daily living skills
    • Socialization
    • Coping skills
    • Communication

We are a DDD-approved provider for behavioral tiers 1-6 and are equipped to provide person-centered care to individuals with complex behavioral needs.

Contact our behavioral team today to find out more about our results-driven strategies.

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