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“CAU has been wonderful. Our support coordinator shows up on time, on weekends, and does whatever it takes to fit my schedule. Anything my daughter and I need, he’s on it — I can’t complain at all.”

-Diane, Long Branch, NJ

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Our Support Coordination Services help individuals with developmental disabilities access the support and services they need so they can live the life they deserve.

Let us help break down barriers and make dreams a reality.

Navigating the support services offered through the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) can feel overwhelming and intimidating. That’s why you, or your loved one or the person you serve, needs an experienced guide to help you get the most out of the services available.

CAU is an NJ DDD-approved provider of support coordination services that helps individuals with disabilities develop skills, experience, and connections within the community. Our highly experienced support coordinators take a person-centered approach in creating Individualized Support Plans (ISPs) that consider the individual’s needs, skills, and passions to match them with programs and services that will help them achieve their life goals.

With CAU Support Coordination, you get:

  • Advanced expertise​: Our coordinators have exceptional knowledge in helping individuals with disabilities develop skills, experience, and connections within the community. ​
  • Accessible and responsive​ team members: ​We are committed to ensuring members and their families feel seen, heard, and supported—always. With a 24-hour on-call system, CAU support coordinators can be reached any time, day or night, in the event of an emergency. And CAU’s administrators are always accessible for any questions, concerns, or feedback.
  • Personalized care:​ ​Guided by a person-centered approach, our support coordinators create ISPs specific to each member and his or her family, carefully crafted to help them achieve their vision and goals.
  • Quality over Quantity​: We have built a robust quality control process that ensures the services you receive adhere to the highest standards, with quick response times for questions and concerns. With a low coordinator-to-member ratio and a robust suite of support resources, we deliver highly personalized service, dedicating ample time to each member. ​
  • Accreditation​: As a DDD-approved provider, CAU is qualified to design, approve, coordinate, and monitor support services plans aimed at helping members discover their potential and reach their lifetime goals. DDD has also designated CAU a “released agency,” giving supervisors the authority to approve service plans internally, streamlining the process and positioning us to deliver services to members quicker.

Our coordinators can help locate programs and services like:

  • Day programs
  • Education programs
  • Employment resources
  • Home care services
  • Transportation providers
  • Recreation and social activities
  • Community inclusion programs
  • And more

Who We Help:

  • DDD service-eligible individuals ​
  • Families and personal guardians​
  • State appointed guardians​
  • School counselors and administrators​
  • Care providers

Choose CAU as your Support Coordination Agency

Simply select Community Access Unlimited on your Support Coordination Agency Selection Form and follow the instructions to submit it to DDD. From there:

  • Your support coordinator gets to know you, your family, and your goals so we can understand your needs and create a journey that is tailored to you.
  • We research the federal, state, and local services and programs to find you the right support.
  • We coordinate everything and create a service plan to guide you.
  • If you’re happy with it, your coordinator helps you put it into action.
  • We regularly keep in touch to make sure your plan is right for you.

DDD Eligibility Requirements in New Jersey

An individual must be 18 or older to be evaluated by DDD for functional eligibility for developmental disability services. An individual must be 21 or older to access DDD services. All individuals who are eligible for and wish to access DDD services must either choose or be assigned to a NJ Support Coordination Agency – and that’s where CAU comes in.

To be evaluated for eligibility for DDD-funded services, please visit the DDD website for an application.

Let us take it from here.

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Our Team

  • CAU Support Coordination has the ability to approve their own support plans, ensuring swift and efficient implementation.
  • Families and coordinators are matched based on location for your convenience.
  • Coordinators receive continual cross training in crisis management, community building and integration, and employment.
  • We link the individuals we support with resources that celebrate their culture and religious beliefs.
  • Need help? Support Coordination operates a 24-hour on-call system in the event of an emergency.
  • All families have access to the leadership team within the Support Coordination department to give them the opportunity to provide feedback on services and supports.
  • Our coordinators are highly knowledgeable and educated with a minimum BA requirement and certification in person-centered thinking/planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you provide support coordination services to? What is the typical caseload of one of your Support Coordinators?

We provide Support Coordination assistance to 650-700 people throughout the state of NJ. Typical caseload is between 30-40 people, as we keep those living in the same household with the same Support Coordinator for the family’s convenience.

What is the average turnover of a Support Coordinator at your organization?

Our support coordinators have worked with CAU an average of 3+ years.

How do you match people using supports with Support Coordinators?

CAU matches support coordinators with families by their knowledge of the local community you live in, and we schedule to meet you when you find it convenient.

How long have you provided services in New Jersey? In this region?

CAU has worked in Self-Direction since 1999. We began helping people through Support Coordination when DDD began the current model of Support Coordination services.

How does your agency respond to issues/needs that occur after typical business hours?

CAU has a 24 hour, 7 day per week on-call system that will allow you to get assistance in the event of emergency after business hours – just dial our main number 908-354-3040 for help. As a self-approving agency, our members benefit from expedited reviews of services when needed and we can get emergency assistance into place quickly during a crisis.

How would you describe the experience your Support Coordinators have working with individuals with disabilities?

Our Support Coordinators have both professional and personal experience working with people with different abilities. We all come into this work with an open mind and an open heart, looking for the areas where our members shine and helping them to grow their independence in the places where help is needed.

What training and mentoring do your Support Coordinators receive to give them the knowledge and skills to help my family member obtain the supports and services needed to live the life s/he wants? Please describe some of the key skills your Support Coordinators have.

CAU support coordinators receive extensive training in Person Centered Planning, Preventing Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation, Counseling Skills, Suicide Prevention, Trauma-Informed Care and more. We continue mentorship and training throughout the year to stay current with how best to assist you in your communities. CAU now has a trained Housing Navigator to assist you.

How do your Support Coordinators develop or adapt services and supports to address the needs and preferences of culturally diverse communities? Provide some examples.

CAU support coordinators provide options that fit the needs of individuals and families who have specific cultural preferences. We also note any cultural needs or preferences on documentation and make sure potential providers are aware and can accommodate these. We have people who work only with staff of their same gender to honor their religious practices, we look for providers and staff who speak the same language, and we incorporate cultural celebrations into our recreation and advocacy focus.

How are your Support Coordinators connected with the local community and resources? Please give examples.

Our coordinators help you to connect to the services within your area, whether that be the local yoga studio, karate dojo, or tutoring center. We look for community resources available at the local library and town recreational center to find if these can help provide opportunities to grow interests and skills. Any local services you are interested in are also called and outreach is made to help these local services get set up to accept DDD funding dollars.

How do you educate and empower people and families about the support options that are available to them?

Each month, your Support Coordinator will ask questions about how your current services are supporting you, what sort of help you might still need, and what resources are available to you that can help. We also send out regular email communications about any changes to DDD services and supports to keep you aware of the current offerings. Our members and families can also join advocacy and family support groups to learn more and find a community of peers.

How do your Support Coordinators monitor the quality of supports received and work with the person, family, and providers to ensure that quality is achieved?

Coordinators regularly visit provider sites (day programs, group homes, etc.) to observe the individuals we support interacting with provider staff and the conditions kept in those settings. They check-in with the person and/or family afterwards to discuss the visit and find if the provider is meeting the expectations of the individual and family. If there are areas where improvement is needed, a group meeting with all parties is held to discuss how to achieve this and the steps to take moving forward. We work as a team to ensure services are delivered with the quality you expect.

How do you get feedback from the people you serve and how do you use this information to improve services?

Our members and families have opportunities to provide us anonymous feedback through our annual survey. Members and families also receive the names and direct phone numbers of the management team and can call at any time to provide feedback on their personal experiences. Suggestions to improve services are reviewed and implemented as soon as practicable so that everyone receives the best possible services.

How is your agency different from others? How do you stand out from other Support Coordination Agencies?

CAU provides our Support Coordinators with their own support system to make sure they get help and guidance when needed. We work as a team to come together and support our members and families. There is always another CAU team member who is available to assist you when you need help. We also provide our Support Coordinators with flexible schedules that meet members and family’s needs, and great benefits that help them to know they can work at CAU for the long term.

Are there people or families using your support coordination services I can contact as a reference?

Yes, we can provide family references as requested. Our families are happy with their support coordinators and all the services we have helped them to obtain.

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