“CAU has been wonderful. Our support coordinator shows up on time, on weekends, and does whatever it takes to fit my schedule. Anything my daughter and I need, he’s on it — I can’t complain at all.”

-Diane, Long Branch, NJ

Support coordination photo of woman helping another individual on the computer

We Have a Plan for You

CAU is one of the only agencies in New Jersey uniquely positioned to provide both top-notch support services and support coordination. When you select us as your support coordinator, our dedicated team goes above and beyond to create the perfect Individualized Support Plan (ISP) for your family.

Support Coordination infographic

Our Team

  • CAU Support Coordination has the ability to approve their own support plans, ensuring swift and efficient implementation.
  • Families and coordinators are matched based on location for your convenience.
  • Coordinators receive continual cross training in crisis management, community building and integration, and employment.
  • We link the individuals we support with resources that celebrate their culture and religious beliefs.
  • Need help? Support Coordination operates a 24-hour on-call system in the event of an emergency.
  • All families have access to the leadership team within the Support Coordination department to give them the opportunity to provide feedback on services and supports.
  • Our coordinators are highly knowledgeable and educated with a minimum BA requirement and certification in person-centered thinking/planning.

Contact us today to start your journey, or visit our resources guide for more information.

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