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Two bedroom apartment with vacancy for a female on 3rd floor of apartment building in Hillside. Residential staff are on site 24/7 and receive...

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CAU provides community-based housing and support services throughout Union County, NJ for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Located in residential neighborhoods, our community living options reflect the individuality of the members who call them home. All residential members are empowered to become involved with their community through neighborhood events, community service, shopping, and more.

Our residential staff receives advanced training to support complex medical and behavioral needs, including:

  • Diabetes management and insulin administration
  • Medication management
  • Seizure management
  • Hoyer lifts and transfers
  • Positive behavior supports
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Crisis intervention
  • Emergency response

We even offer a member-run chat center, where residential members can call to speak with peers about agency news, events, and information. Newcomers to our residential programs receive an official welcome from their friendly Chat Center peers and a guided introduction to CAU. The Chat Center also functions as a computer lab and social lounge where members can come and go as they please.

Find out which of our out-of-home residential options is the right choice for you or your loved one.

Supervised Apartment Program

Since 1981, we have provided people with disabilities (21+) the opportunity to live in community-based supervised apartments and group homes.

Caring, trained staff assist residential members with daily living skills, personal care, community integration, and more depending on need. Staff remain on-site with members 24/7, including awake overnight supervision in the event of an emergency.

Members enjoy a private bedroom in a shared living space with no more than three roommates who share similar interests. Nurses, behaviorists, communication specialists, and psychologists are available for additional support.

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Supportive Living Apartment Program

Since 1979, we’ve been providing in-home supports to members (21+) who live independently in their owned or rented apartment, condominium, or free-standing home.

Staff assists members on a regular basis depending on their individual needs. This option gives members a greater level of independence and an opportunity to explore their community.

Many members within the Supported Apartment Program have graduated from the Supervised Apartment Program or have previously lived with their family and wish to live on their own. This level of supported living also serves individuals who are parents with disabilities.

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