Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Harold J. Poltrock, Esq. – President

Dr. Karen M Ensle, RD – Secretary/Treasurer

Tendai Ndoro – Secretary

Bernadette Griswold – Executive Director

Sidney W. Blanchard – Associate Executive Director

Adelaide Daskam – Member

Robert C. Griffin – Member

Audrey Vasey – Member

Kathy Wiener – Member

Marc Levy – Member

Myrta Rosa – Member

Maxine Neuhauser – Member

Shawanna Hicks – Member

Kevin Aspell – Member

Honorary Board Members

Martin Poltrock, M.A

Nicholas Scalera, M.S
Scalera Consulting Services, Past State Director of DCP&P (formerly DYFS)

Walter Kalman, MSW, LSW

Global Board Governance Commitment

The purpose of the board, on behalf of the ownership, is to see to it that Community Access Unlimited:

  • Achieves appropriate results for the appropriate cost
  • Avoids unacceptable actions and situations
CAU Board of Trustees