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As New Jersey provider agencies undergo the transition to fee-for-service, adopting a safe and secure system is essential to keep mission and bottom line intact.

As an affiliate of Qualifacts, CAU can provide NJ provider agencies access to Carelogic, a customized electronic health record (EHR) and billing management platform, to fit the people they support.

About Carelogic

Our platform is a web-based system designed for secure storage of client data. Providers can automatically produce billing claims that ensure timely payments. In addition to exporting data in real time, Carelogic can:

  • Integrate with data from additional management systems such as those used for HR and accounting functions.
  • Complete and score assessments electronically through impact reporting.
  • Improve care coordination and increase efficiency.

What We Can Do

CAU can configure a customized system for any NJ Provider agency looking to set up their own health records and billing system for a fraction of the cost. Benefits include:

  • Ongoing help and support.
  • Configurable forms and custom reports.
  • Training sessions and guide easy trouble-shooting.

For an additional fee, we can also offer:

  • Billing services.
  • Review of exclusionary database to determine Medicaid eligibility.
  • Representative Payeeship services.

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