Emergency Housing



Bedroom for a female available in a two-bedroom apartment shared with a roommate in Linden. Residential staff are on site 24/7 and receive advanced...
group of adult housing

The Emergency Capacity System (ECS) at CAU provides housing to individuals in crisis.

We can offer a temporary living space for up to eight individuals on an emergency basis. Ambulatory members can stay in ECS accommodations up 60 days or 120 days for non-ambulatory members. Trained staff are available for assistance with medical needs, securing permanent placement, or returning to prior placement or family home.

Our residential staff receive advanced training to support complex medical and behavioral needs, including:

    • Diabetes management and insulin administration
    • Medication management
    • Seizure management
    • Hoyer lifts and transfers
    • Positive behavior supports
    • CPR and First Aid
    • Crisis intervention
    • Emergency response

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