Vision and Strategic Plan

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Vision and Strategic Plan for the Future

Guiding Principles

CAU is accountable to a set of beliefs and values which will allow people with disabilities (developmental, emotional, physical or social) to be productive, independent citizens living satisfying lives in the community at large. The individuals we serve are known as “members” as we see them as equal members of our CAU community.


Our mission is to provide community access through effective, comprehensive supports, advocacy and services for people with disabilities and their families, giving them the opportunity to live independently and to lead normal and productive lives as citizens. Services also include the provision of decent, affordable, integrated housing in the community.


We strive for our members to achieve:

  • economic self-sufficiency, commensurate with their abilities
  • independent living according to their abilities, resources and needs
  • functional level of money management
  • a satisfying social life
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • personal growth
  • equal rights and self-determination


  • improve effectiveness of staff recruitment and marketing of services and supports
  • increase our outreach and communication to potential members through collaboration and networking with schools and community partners to inform future members
  • expand employment services, as well as our day habilitation and educational services
  • expand the assistive technology (AT) team, expedite AT services and improve billing processes
  • transition to a cloud-based platform to update and improve our multi-site IT operations
  • with the investment in technology, expand our ability to reach out, respond quicker and more effectively to meet the needs of the people we support
  • hire more clinicians to serve acute medical and behavioral needs
  • increase revenues, assets and reserves to better support our services by at least 5% per year, especially through our Support Coordination, Community Supports Program, grants and fundraising activities
  • reorganize facilities and fleet operations to ensure our responsiveness to the property maintenance and transportation demands of our growing programs
  • provide for maintenance and growth of our properties to expand our housing opportunities
  • invest in staffing through wage increases, improved benefits, and targeted recruitment, to serve more members and families, and continue to improve our services and supports

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