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Assistive Technology (AT) can help make daily life more accessible. We understand that mobility is essential to the independence of people with disabilities.

Whether you or your loved one needs assistance communicating, navigating their environment, or overcoming other challenges, our AT supports can help individuals and families achieve a better quality of life.

AT services are now available virtually. Contact us for assistance securing the right Assistive Technology for you or your family member.

What is Assistive Technology?

AT is a product or service that improves the functional capacity of our members, individuals with disabilities, at home, in the workplace, classroom or community. AT products include alternative communication software or pieces of equipment such as power lifts and wheelchairs or tablets.

What We Can Do

  • Evaluate AT needs
  • Purchase, lease, or acquire AT
  • Design, fit, or customize a device
  • Replace equipment
  • Manage maintenance fees
  • Technical assistance & training

Our Method

CAU can secure the AT products you need. After determining your unique needs, we leverage our partnerships to find you the best products within your budget.

Our AT professionals bring unparalleled expertise in their approach to supporting you or your loved one. Not only will we come to you where you want, when you want, but your professional will guide you through the process from evaluation to device purchase and training.

Our AT professionals will work with both the family and Support Coordinator. We also provide in-home training on location for individuals who are providing support, whether that is in your home, at a Day Program, etc.

Ask about our Assistive Technology Resource Center! A variety of AT equipment is available to rent to bridge technology gaps during transition periods.

Examples of A.T. We Provide

• IPads with Proloquo2Go & TouchChat
• Focus 40 Braille keyboard
• OrCam My Eye 2
• JAWS, a screen reading software
• AngelSense, a GPS tracking system
• Camera systems
• Keyless entry
• Health monitoring systems


John, 22, used a tablet at school for years and recently got his own with help from CAU. “There is no doubt that early on, hearing the device speak helped him pronounce and understand the words better,” said John’s mom, Lee.

Kristie, 26, also recently purchased a tablet and uses the First Then mobile application to structure her day. “We program a daily schedule for Kristie to follow her routine,” said her mother Amal. “She likes to know her routine first – I use it also to help her choose her rewards.”

Contact us today to learn more about our AT service and vendors.

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