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Two bedroom apartment with vacancy for a female on 3rd floor of apartment building in Hillside. Residential staff are on site 24/7 and receive...

At Community Access Unlimited, we empower our members to understand and assert their civil rights. Our member-directed advocacy groups give people with disabilities a community and platform to voice their concerns and mobilize around the issues that matter to them.

Helping Hands

Established in 1984, Helping Hands is one of the oldest and strongest self-advocacy groups for people with disabilities in New Jersey. Activities include legislative updates, campaigning, state and national conference attendance, and professional workshops. See the agency calendar or click here to download the 2019 schedule of meetings and events.

Jump Start

CAU advocates developed Jump Start, the consulting arm of Helping Hands, in 2004. Jump Start aims to educate service providers, employers, people who are marginalized or living in institutions, and the community at large about disability rights and issues.

Jump Start advocates can deliver a variety of presentations anywhere in the United States. See our agency calendar for upcoming Helping Hands meetings and events.

The New American Movement for People with Disabilities (NAM)

NAM logo

NAM was formed at CAU in 2012 as a movement committed to social, political, and economic transformation for the equity of all Americans. NAM travels to local and national advocacy workshops, conferences, and community events to educate the public about its mission.

NAM Adult Advocacy Group

For more information about NAMPWD, visit their website here.

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