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The Supports Program, a Medicaid waiver program launched by Division in 2015, funds services and supports for New Jersey adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live in a non-licensed setting, to assist them to live as independently as possible and be fully integrated in their communities.

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CAU Services Provided through Supports Program:

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) can help make daily life more accessible. We understand that mobility is essential to the independence of people with disabilities.

Whether you or your loved one needs assistance communicating, navigating their environment, or overcoming other challenges, our AT supports can help individuals and families achieve a better quality of life.

Behavioral Supports

Our approach to behavioral management works to increase positive behaviors and create lasting outcomes. No matter your needs, we can provide supports both at home and in the community.

Career Planning

Person-centered, comprehensive employment planning and supports service provides assistance for individuals to obtain, maintain, or advance in competitive employment or self employment. Focus will be around identifying a career direction and developing a plan to achieve integrated employment.

Community Inclusion Services

Members enjoy education, recreation, and other activities alongside their peers and fellow citizens. Whether it’s a vacation in Disney World, dining out, or going to the gym, our unique Community Inclusion program provides unlimited opportunities for our members to connect with others and show the world what they can accomplish.

Community Based Supports

We assist individuals who need direct support to achieve independence and inclusion. Services include helping members attend an event, take a class, learn daily living skills, shop you name it, we do it.

Day Habilitation

Our expertly designed adult education and training programs can help you or your loved one build a skillset and achieve maximum independence. Members have access to daily rotating schedules of classes where they learn independent living, goal-setting, transferable life skills, job readiness skills, and much more.

Environmental Modifications

Physical adaptations or environmental modifications such as a tub rail or a wheelchair ramp bolster the independence of people with disabilities at home. Contact us today for a referral to one of CAU’s trusted modification specialists.

Goods & Services

Individuals with disabilities often need unique services, equipment, or supplies to assist their independence. Through our Goods & Services program, our members can find exactly what they need to decrease Medicaid reliance, further community integration, and much more.

Interpreter Services

We provide in-person interpretation to support individuals at home, work, or in the community. The CAU interpreter provides training to staff members and assistance to people who are hard of hearing, deaf, or nonverbal.

Natural Supports Training

Natural Supports is a training and counseling service for individuals who provide unpaid support, training, companionship, or supervision to people with disabilities. Training is available to anyone who provides uncompensated care.

Prevocational Training

Prevocational Training helps members gain general strengths and skills that increase their competitiveness for potential job opportunities. Our employment services team strives to connect your loved one with the ideal resources. Skills may be taught through volunteer opportunities or job club.


Our DDD-approved, fee-for-service program offers short-term, out-of-home support for adults (21+) with disabilities when you need us. We tailor our services according to the individual’s needs to give you peace of mind.

Support Coordination

CAU is qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities to design, approve, coordinate, and monitor a plan of support services that will assist you in discovering your potential and reaching your goals. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to create the perfect Individualized Support Plan (ISP) for you and your family.

Supported Employment– Individual & Small Group

Supported Employment allows members to seek full-time, competitive employment in a group or individual setting. We support members with training, job coaching and more depending on the individual’s needs


With a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, we provide safe and secure transportation for individuals who use wheelchairs or have other physical challenges.

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