Your loved one’s potential is limitless, and their access to education should be, too. The Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) is our answer to post-graduation learning for adults with developmental disabilities.

Generic, regimented day programs don’t provide choices or encourage intellectual growth beyond the public school system. ACE allows both recent graduates and older adults to learn new material and build on existing skills in small classrooms. From math and science to jewelry design and media production, our program has options that appeal to every type of student.

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  • Personal finance
  • Communication and problem-solving
  • Literacy and critical thinking
  • Fine motor skills
  • Self-awareness and confidence building
ACE program

Educating Adults

Our Curriculum

The ACE curriculum aligns with NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, offering students a week of scheduled classes that balance structure and choice.

Students can take as many courses as they wish and in any combination. Each class is held once a week for two hours during the eight-week semester.

Classes are subject to availability. Students may begin attending classes mid-session and coursework may be adjusted at any time. Contact us today for more information or click here for course descriptions and your admission form.

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