It’s DSP Recognition Week! Thank You For All you Do!

September 16, 2021

Erin Jerome

dsp7It’s Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week! We are proud to celebrate CAU’s 602 DSPs for the talent and dedication they bring to assisting members in living life to the fullest. 

DSPs offer specialized support to increase independence. They may meet medical and behavioral health needs, provide personal care, assist with mobility, and teach social, workplace and daily living skills. 

dsp3We want to acknowledge the amazing work DSPs do with a small fraction of the recognition they deserve throughout the year. In August, we were pleased to host our first Staff Appreciation Day and distribute prizes to our winners. The contributions and accomplishments of our DSPs do not go unnoticed, especially considering the additional challenges and changing regulations caused by the pandemic. 

CAU staff have recognized the hard work and outstanding commitment of DSPs with some of the following messages: 

“Daryl [Williams] ensured that members remained active within the program during the time of quarantine” wrote Linda Woodard. “He came up with group exercises and activities the members appeared to enjoy and looked forward to participating in…the members of the program remained happy and active and interacted with others  at a time when the pandemic and quarantine could have caused them to become depressed and withdrawn from others.”

Rashidah Jenious praised DSP Starr Barr for assisting members to continue working toward their goals during the pandemic, including health goals by making nutritious meals and taking walks with members. 


“Starr was relentless in her passion and dedication during the pandemic,” Jenious wrote. “She worked diligently covering vacant shifts as a result of staff resigning or going on leave due to fear.  She kept calm, was responsive to the members, and worked other programs if needed without complaining. She expressed support and concern with the members and was empathetic to their concerns for their own safety.”

Kizzy Calhoun wrote that Hind Iddrisu has had a positive effect on members and made sure they maintained friendships and relationships through the challenges of COVID-19 isolation.

“Hind downloaded Zoom to the members’ tablet so that they could continue enjoying church services,” Calhoun wrote. “Hind participated in the many CAU challenges that were created to keep the members engaged and occupied…Hind established time frames for the members to see their friends and families via Zoom.

Zulay Fundora said April Battle went above and beyond to get to know an individual at the Day Program and introduce new experiences to the member.

“April goes out of her way to teach him new things and is a strong advocate for his needs,” Battle wrote. “She assisted him in making calls to his family and friends via Zoom. To see the compassion and the ‘I won’t give up’ attitude she exhibits toward him is amazing.”

Happy Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week!