Advocacy (MAC)

The Member’s Action Committee (MAC) is a member-run advocacy group lead by members of the Transitional Opportunities Program (TOP) at CAU. The group is supported by staff advisors who assist the member- run meetings and initiate action within and outside of the agency.

Monthly meetings are held to discuss trends, ideas and issues that are happening in TOP and the Dept of Children & Families (DCF).  During these meetings special events may be planned, changes to rules or procedures can be suggested, and on a quarterly basis, MAC will meet with the CAU administrative panel to directly discuss issues regarding TOP and advocacy for members.

MAC Attack

The Member Action Committee has formed MAC Attack, a presentation services business. MAC Attack provides comprehensive workshops to both youth in care as well as adults who work in and a part of the social service field. These unique presentations provide training by trainers who have had first hand experience in the foster care system. Workshops are available locally and nationally on your topic of choice including:


  • “Its All About Relationships”
    Hear from those impacted by receiving social services about the skills they need, how you can better understand the conflicts inherent in group living, how you can provide guidance, and what you need to make working with youth a pleasant and rewarding experience. This is a very unique workshop developed by those  living in and impacted by the social service system.
  • “Stepping Up to the Plate”
    Don’t let the title fool you! This presentation is about what today’s youth need to know how to make it in the community. Great take-off discussion points around drawing an analogy between a baseball game and the four key points critical to survival in the community. For example, making it to first base is fundamental to getting an education, knowing that without an education.
  • “Directing Your Footsteps to the Future”
    This workshop is one that all youth should experience.  It is designed to help youth learn about how to make the right decisions for themselves as they are moving toward their future. They will learn the concept of what a cheerleader stands for and that it means having other youth in their lives that can be a mediator, teacher, role model, friend, and a great listener.
  • “Choices”
    The “Choices We Make!” is all about decision making. Sometimes we win and sometimes we loose! Sounds easy, but its not. This gripping workshop is all about making the right decision and if not, how to be responsible for those we make that don’t turn out to be good decisions. Choices involve developing positive relationships with others you can/should trust and then taking ownership in the things you decide. Maybe if you think about the consequences of your decisions, you won’t make them again! Real life stories, real life answers!
  • “Living In the System”
    ‘Living in the System’ provides insight into what the ‘system’ does to youth including why we sometimes have a negative view of life in general. This workshop was developed from the perspective of our life from the inside including a perspective on what it’s like to be neglected, from abusive families or in constant situations involving hurt. This workshop also serves as a training resource to find answers involving the development for trust, success, change and respect. There are not many places where you can gain this type of insight from  the outside!


Workshops can be reserved for $250 a piece.

MAC has presented at numerous local and national conferences including:
– National Independent Living Association (NILA)
– Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)
– New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth, and Families (NJACYF)
–  Title IV-E Conference

In 2008, MAC received a proclamation from the Union County Freeholder Board  for the services given to residents of Union County.

For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact:
Julia Leftwich or Howard Wingard, 908-354-3040 x4270