Support Coordination

Connecting You or a Loved One to Programs and Services that Empower

At CAU, our support coordination services help individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities access the support and services they need to develop their skills, gain experience, and make connections within the community—so they can thrive in life and achieve their goals.

As a NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)-approved provider of support coordination services, we take a person-centered approach in creating Individualized Support Plans (ISPs) that consider the individual’s needs, skills, and passions to match them with programs and services that turn dreams into reality. This can include anything from day programs, education programs, and employment resources to home care services, transportation providers, recreation and social activities, community inclusion programs, and more. ​

When members work with us, they get:

  • Advanced expertise​: Rely on a team of seasoned experts whose life work is to help individuals with disabilities achieve their goals and thrive through perfectly matched services and support.
  • A responsive​ team: Get 24/7 access to support coordinators in the event of emergency. Plus, with an extensive team of administrators, CAU’s leadership staff is readily available for any questions, concerns, or feedback.
  • Personalized care:​ Get one-on-one attention from support coordinators who listen, understand, and take a person-centered approach in crafting ISPs designed to help members achieve their vision and goals.
  • Quality over quantity​: Enjoy a range of services that adhere to the highest standards, a robust suite of support resources, and quick response times. Our low coordinator-to-member ratio means you or your loved one gets the care, attention, and support they need, when they need it.  ​
  • Quicker access to services​: Benefit from support services sooner rather than later. Because CAU is a DDD-approved provider and “released agency,” we are qualified to design, approve, coordinate, and monitor support services without the barrier of a lengthy approval process.

For more information about our support coordination services, including a list of programs and services, our quality control process, who we help, and more, fill out the form on this page.

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