Associate Executive Director of Community Based Programs

Sandra Lynch, Associate Executive Director of Community Based Programs


Sandie oversees Community Based Programs at CAU, which include Supported Employment, Vocational Training, Community Supports and Inclusion, Assistive Technology and Advocacy. She comes to the organization with over twenty years of experience in the social services field. With a visionary approach she is able to recognize members’ needs and meet them. Sandie began her career with CAU as the Associate Executive Director of Employment, where she built a number of programs to create more comprehensive employment supports for members. Along with program development, Sandie networks and expands CAU’s community footprint to expand employment opportunities for our members.

In embracing the state’s Employment First initiative, Sandie has successfully developed a Pre-Employment Transition Services track for the organization, partnering with DVRS. CAU has been able to provide paid community work experiences to hundreds of students with disabilities throughout Union and Essex Counties.

The value of community is a passion for Sandie as she developed her role of Managing Assistant Executive Director for Community Supports. She implements the supports program for all members living independently in the community while embracing the CAU Advantage, “Helping you achieve independence in your community”.

Sandie studied Human Services at Lincoln University, however her biggest accomplishment was graduating from the Monmouth County Fire Academy in 2014. Serving as a NJ Certified Firefighter for over ten years, Sandie made history by becoming the first female Lieutenant in her township. She is member of APSE, UCWDB Disabilities Committee, Union County LGBTQ+ Ad-Hoc Committee, and an ABCD Emerging Leader. Sandie serves on CAU’s Leadership and Risk Management Committee while also providing Fire Prevention Education and training to the staff and members of CAU.