Employee Benefits

Paid Time Off

Employees accrue paid time off entitlements each calendar year. Based on years of service, an employee may earn up to six work weeks of paid time. Paid time off may be scheduled or unscheduled and provides for compensation when Full Time employees are unable to work or wish to take time off from work with pay. Paid time off may be used like traditional sick, vacation or personal days.

Bereavement Days

Department heads and executive director may approve up to three days off in the event of the death of certain family members or significant others residing in the same household.

Health Care

Medical Coverage

Community Access pays the complete premium for employee’s basic medical insurance. Our medical insurance covers major medical, hospitalization, prescription and lab fees. Employees may add dependents and/or opt up to a more comprehensive plan by paying the additional premiums. There are in-network and out-of-network benefits. There are also deductibles for utilizing out of network options. The Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) offers additional benefits including a vision benefit.

Dental Coverage

Delta Dental Plan of NJ covers dental care for employees and their dependents. There is a $50 deductible each calendar year for dental work. There is no charge for two check-ups per year. Plan includes two different programs – Premiere, which is a PPO-style program that offers a choice of dentists and Flagship, a dental maintenance organization (DMO)-style program.


Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

This is a confidential outside service designed to provide initial professional assessment, counseling and referral services to employees who are experiencing personal problems that may affect their job performance. The program is also available to family members living with the employee.


Workers Compensation

All employees are covered by workers compensation insurance.


Life Insurance / Short* & Long-Term Disability

Life Insurance:

Term life insurance is provided in the amount of one and a half times staff’s annual salary (to a maximum of $50,000) at no cost to the employee. There is also Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage.

Short-term Disability:

This is available through the NJ State plan from the time of the non-work related disability up to 26 weeks. Part timers may be covered within the provisions of the state plan.

Long-term Disability:

If an employee is unable to work and state short-term disability benefits expire he/she may be eligible for long-term disability insurance compensation.


401(k) Plan (Retirement Plan)

The Retirement Plan offers employees the opportunity to voluntarily contribute toward their retirement via tax-deferred payroll deductions. Staff may contribute up to 15% of their gross salary per year and receive Agency contributions. The Agency matches 25% of up to 3% of employee contributions. In addition, the Agency contributes 3% of annual compensation regardless of employees’ contributions as a pension benefit. Employees elect their own investment vehicles (funds) and are vested in Agency contributions over time.


Tuition Assistance

CAU encourages staff to continue their education and offers tuition assistance. Full time staff who have completed four month review and are not on review are eligible. Tuition assistance is available to staff enrolled in graduate and undergraduate courses or classes related to the social services field or work function.

A tuition assisted loan for up to a maximum of $500 per semester for up to four semesters a year (a total of $2,000) is available. If employee terminates full-time status within six months following completion of the course the loan will be collected.


Staff Recruitment Incentive

• If you refer someone for a full time position who is hired you may receive $200.
• If you refer someone for a part time position who is hired you may receive $100.
Certain conditions may apply.

Longevity/Anniversary Recognition

This award is presented to staff on the first, third, fifth, seventh, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth anniversaries. Staff receive a variety of awards including candy, savings bonds, recognition plaques, pen sets, and cash bonuses. There are also retirement awards based on certain criteria.


Project Assistance Loans/Grants

Staff who are eligible may receive up to $500 for emergency needs. Loans are paid back over 10 pay periods without interest penalties. Grants do not have to be paid back to the Agency.


Legal Services

Our legal services plan provides for free or discounted legal services in a variety of legal matters including Family Law, Real Estate & Mortgages, Municipal Court, Personal Injury, Estate Matters, Consumer Protection and Contract Matters.


Employee of the Month/Outstanding Part Timer Recognition

Employees nominate co-workers for outstanding performance each month. The Employee of the Month receives recognition in the monthly company newsletter, a gift certificate and the designated Employee of the Month parking spot.

Three times a year part-time staff are selected as outstanding part-time staff.


Employees of the Year

Two full-time and one part-time staff are selected by their peers and honored during the annual Awards Night Ceremony.


Staff Training

In addition to the necessary on-the-job training, CAU provides staff with training in a variety of areas. Employees are certified in First Aid, CPR, Medication Administration, Overview of Developmental Disabilities, Prevention of Abuse & Neglect and Bloodborne Pathogen Training.

Additional workshops and training days covering a variety of subjects are offered regularly. Besides internal training staff are encouraged to seek out external training.


Paid Agency Holidays**

•New Year’s Day
•Martin Luther King Jr. Day
•Presidents’ Day
•Good Friday
•Memorial Day
•Independence Day
•Labor Day
•Thanksgiving Day
•Christmas Eve & Day
•New Years Eve

Note: Staff may substitute religious holidays for any of the above holidays by submitting a request to their department head.

**Full and Part-Time hourly staff working on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day or Christmas or New Year’s Eve after 3:00 p.m. are paid at double time rate.



The Agency offers a variety of discounts to staff for products, services, and entertainment as available.