Supported Employment for Individuals & Small Groups

Supported employment allows members looking to seek fulltime, competitive employment to do so in a group or individual setting, depending on their specific needs.

Small Group Supported Employment:

It is often a solution for individuals with disabilities seeking employment to do so in a supported group setting. This option is also ideal for members who need more support in order to maintain employment. The services and training activities provided are in community-based businesses or industries, for groups of two to eight individuals with disabilities.

Small Group Employment services are approved through DDD or may be purchased as a fee-for-service.

CAU supports individuals seeking group supported employment through a blend of training activities including:

  • Travel training
  • Job development
  • On-site job analysis and training
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Group placements
  • Benefit supports (Medicaid, SSI, Workability, and PASS)

In natural proportions, a group might be placed in a competitive employment or volunteer setting. Supervisors provide on-site training and support as work is accomplished.

Mobile Crews
One example of a group supported employment is for individuals to be employed in a mobile crew. Members are paid to work in small supervised crews and learn skills that help them to become competitively employed. CAU employs three mobile crews in areas of security, landscaping, and cleaning.

Individual Supported Employment:

Individuals seeking supported employment may participate in activities that help them obtain and maintain a job in a competitive or customized employment or self-employment. Members will strive to seek a job in an integrated work setting in the general work force and be compensated at or above the minimum wage, but not less than the customary wage and level of benefits paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by individuals without disabilities. Examples include:

  • Training and systematic instruction
  • Job coaching
  • Benefit support
  • Job development
  • Travel training
  • Training in skills that will allow individuals to work in an integrated setting
  • Job site analysis

Members seeking supported individual employment must be over the age of 18 and be able to legally work in the USA. Must have a valid ID and social security card to obtain employment. Individuals are referred to this program through DVRS or DDD and may be purchased using DDD funding or as a fee-for-service.

CAU also provides support in areas of:

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