Out of Home Residential Programs

CAU provides community-based housing and support services in 13 towns within Union County for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Programs are located in residential neighborhoods, and each home reflects the individuality of the members who live there.  Members are encouraged to become a part of their community and participate in neighborhood gatherings, events, and frequent local businesses.

Living arrangements are available in a variety of housing options including single and multi-family homes, apartment or condominiums.  Member’s living in supported or supervised apartments may receive services 24- hours per day or a few hours per week depending on their need.  More than 40% of CAU housing units are barrier free.  Units that are tailored to fit the needs of individuals with complex physical needs are equipped with either a Level 1 or Level 2 generator in case of power-outage or weather related emergency.

CAU provides the necessary staffing, trainning, and infrastructre to ensure the member’s safety and well-being that create a comfortable, happy and healthy environment for each person.

24 Hour Supervised Apartment

Since 1981, Community Access has provided people with disabilities the opportunity to live in supervised apartments in the community.

Member’s are supervised by trained staff who assist them with daily living skills, provide care, goal planning, and encourage them to be a part of their community.   Staff on-site or with the members 24-hours per day and are awake and on-premise in case of an emergency throughout the overnight shift.

Member’s enjoy a private bedroom in a shared living situation (with two or three roommates) and all contribute to the household.  Throughout the day, member’s work, attend day programs, workshops or volunteer.

Professional services are available to all members including nurse, behaviorists, communication specialist, and psychologist.

– Referred by the Division of Developmental Disabilities
Medicade Eligible
– Age 21 and over
– Assessed as meeting level of care according to the Division of Developmental Disabilities

Supported Apartment Program

Since 1979, Community Access Unlimited has provided in-home supports to members who live in their owned or rented apartment, condominium or free-standing home.

Members are supported by trained staff who assist them in daily living skills, goal planning, and encourage them to be a part of their community.   Staff assist members on a regular basis depending on their individual need with menu planning or cooking, travel training, money management, household management, transportation, shopping, personal grooming, or budgeting.  This option gives members a great level of independence and opportunity to utilize the resources throughout their local community.

Many members within the Supported Apartment Program have graduated from the Supervised Apartment Program or have previously lived with their family and wish to live on their own. This level of supported living also serves individuals who are parents with disabilities.


– Age 21 and over
– Referred by the Division of Developmental Disabilities
– Capable of self preservation, self-medication, and can judge emergency situations and utilize appropriate emergency numbers
– Chooses to move into the this program and is willing to cooperate with staff in developing new skills and attending an established day program or job

Contact the Director of Information & Referral to make a referral or receive more information!