About Us

Guiding Principles

CAU believes in in empowering all people with disabilities and the underserved to be productive, independent, tax-paying members of an integrated community.



CAU provides community access through effective and comprehensive support services for people with disabilities, youth aging out of foster care, and people with affordable housing needs so that they may achieve meaningful, fulfilling lives in the general community.



We guide our members to:

  • Achieve economic self-sufficiency and productivity as commensurate with their abilities.
  • Achieve independent living within the community according to their abilities, resources and needs.
  • Achieve a functional level of money management.
  • Achieve a satisfying social life.
  • Achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Achieve personal growth.
  • Achieve equal rights and self-determination.


Values and Beliefs

  • Community integration
  • Holistic interactions as valued human beings
  • Equal treatment as citizens
  • Equal value as members of a social activities movement
  • Choice and self-determination
  • Real lives in real homes