From the Desk of the Executive Director

Community Access Unlimited is positioned to meet another milestone, one we believe to be a launching pad for an exciting new period in our growth. As New Jersey is moving away from providing contract reimbursement to agencies serving people with disabilities to a fee-for-service model, allowing people with disabilities throughout New Jersey to control their supports and solidifying their independence within the community.

Essentially, people with disabilities will be empowered with greater choices and self-determination. As they select their support services, those agencies that best fit with their personal goals and those who provide the highest quality services will be the ones they select.

After nearly 37 years of creating and custom-designing services for our members and developing programs as we see new needs arise, CAU provides a greater array of support and does so more efficiently than other service providers, making us the provider of choice for more than 6,000 people. CAU stands upon a foundation of financial strength few human services agencies enjoy – with more than $62 million in assets, with minimal debt.

This innovation in programming and unique financial independence enables us to provide this broad and diverse continuum of care and continually expand our programs and services. This gives us an advantage in supporting people with disabilities, youth, and people with affordable housing needs.. That’s the CAU Advantage – one that will carry us forward.

Through valuable partnerships with state government, local businesses, and supportive community partners like you,  we can provide individuals with special needs the tools to make a smooth transition into the community, and the supports to help them live independently in our community.  We are happy to be here to help so many and will continue to do so for a very long time.

Best wishes to all of our members, families, staff, friends and most generous supporters.
With deepest gratitude,

Bernadette Griswold