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  • Spotlight

    Wayne Petuck

    J. SigueOne day, every week, a man standing 6 feet 7 inches marches in long strides to his local library, hungry for the chance to meet new people and learn something new. These were the same long, determined strides Wayne Petuck used to reach his job at the former Union Hospital for 15 years, where he relished in helping others and interacting with staff and patients.

    Wayne has been a member of CAU for 13 years but a member of the wider community forever. He combines his hunger for learning with his enjoyment of being around others.

    “I like to go book shopping,” he said. “I like to go to the library and go on the internet and do word games. I also like baseball and bowling.”

    Wayne enjoys seeing new places, as well, and has visited Niagara Falls and Wildwood. As a member of CAU he has the advantage of a full slate of activities – from trips to and nights out to parties and music and dancing – and rarely misses an event.

    “Wayne’s love for life and the community this year earned him the 2013 Community Living Member of the Year award at CAU’s Awards Night. As one staff member said, Wayne never misses a chance to leave his mark on the world.

  • How Can You Help

    For 35 years, Community Access Unlimited has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, at-risk youth, and those who are in need of affordable housing achieve independence in the community. This would not be possible without the contributions of so many community supporters through our donation programs. Thank you to our current supporters and partners and if you are interested in joining our organization in our mission, learn more about how below.

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