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  • CAU Mission Statement

    Community Access Unlimited is committed to providing community access through a broad array of person-centered support services for adults and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities, at-risk youth. and people with affordable housing needs giving them the opportunity to live independently and to lead normal and productive lives as citizens integrated into the community.

  • Spotlight

    Deja Anderson

    J. SigueWhen young, Deja adopted creative writing as a way to express herself. “It was always an outlet for me.” she said. “I didn’t like talking to people.”

    That was four years ago, and now her voice and message is clear. Deja started over and found her voice. “At first, not only did I not know how to share my thoughts and concerns, I found many of my peers didn’t either. With the encouragement of CAU, I offered suggestions to improve residential programs, many of which were adopted and are used today. I advocated for members to have free driving lessons, to be able to paint their shared community room, to purchase gym equipment, to have a membership at the local Y, and to create CAU recreational teams that could compete against one another.”

    Now Deja is president of CAU’s Member Action Committee for youth member. Presenting at the national Child Welfare League of America and the National Independent Living Association conferences, Deja shared what it was like as a child living within the child welfare system. “Youth feel they have nothing to stand for because of everything that happened to them,” she said. “They feel like they are subjected to live in a dysfunctional environment – to not go to school and to do drugs. I want to change that. And I want to let adults know that they can help even if a child is not their blood.”

  • How Can You Help

    For 35 years, Community Access Unlimited has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, at-risk youth, and those who are in need of affordable housing achieve independence in the community. This would not be possible without the contributions of so many community supporters through our donation programs. Thank you to our current supporters and partners and if you are interested in joining our organization in our mission, learn more about how below.

    Community Supporters
    Hope Chest
    Vehicle Donation
    Tributes and Memorials
    Technology Donation

    If you have any questions, please contact Cara Pavia, Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator at


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