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  • CAU Mission Statement

    The purposes for which this corporation is formed are to provide community access through effective, systematic, comprehensive support services for people with disabilities and their families, giving them the opportunity to live independently and to lead normal and productive lives as citizens integrated into the general community. Services also include the provision of decent housing preferably income integrated and affordable particularly to low and moderate-income people.

  • Spotlight

    Arthur Kolb

    EllenArthur dreams of owning a farm. Through the insight and passion of his parents, Susan and Gary, and the support of Arthur’s CAU Support Coordinator, Arthur is moving toward fulfilling that dream

    Arthur’s parents Susan and Gary founded Life with Joy, Inc., and alternative farming program in Sussex County that teaches farming, cooking, and other skills. Through the program, Arthur can work in a personalized environment that helps him improve his skills. For instance, he needs quiet to concentrate, loves to dig and pick at small objects and enjoys mixing and chopping. Arthur enjoys being a part of Life with Joy, Inc. and he’s learning farming skills every day, like how to work with animals, grow vegetables, and flowers.

    By matching Arthur to the right service providers and maximizes natural resources, his CAU Support Coordinator builds an ongoing plan for Arthur that defines his goals and helps him achieve them. Susan and Gary are grateful to CAU for assisting Arthur in living a full life.

    “CAU has helped us give Arthur a career, social life, and future,” Susan said. “They help us see that each plan for each individual person can be realized.”

  • How Can You Help

    For 35 years, Community Access Unlimited has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, at-risk youth, and those who are in need of affordable housing achieve independence in the community. This would not be possible without the contributions of so many community supporters through our donation programs. Thank you to our current supporters and partners and if you are interested in joining our organization in our mission, learn more about how below.

    Donate While You Shop
    Corporate Sponsorships

    Community Supporters
    Hope Chest
    Vehicle Donation
    Tributes and Memorials
    Technology Donation

    If you have any questions, please contact our Fundraising & Marketing Department at


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