Day Habilitation Services

Day Habilitation services provide education and training for individuals to acquire the skills and experience needed to participate in the community, consistent with the participant’s Service Plan.  This would include activities to support participants with building problem-solving skills, self-help, social skills, adaptive skills, daily living skills, and leisure skills.

CAU offers members a choice of a day program or an individualized self-directed day program.

Day Program

CAU offers a day program tailored to individuals with advanced medical needs and individuals with advanced behavioral needs. Members will have access to daily rotating schedule of educational classes to assist them with learning daily living, transferable life, or job readiness skills. These skills prepare the member for a potential work opportunity and helps integrate the individual into the community. Members also have the opportunity to have individual counseling sessions to help them cope and adapt to change.

Here is a sample schedule of a day in the life of a member in the Day Program.



Eligibility Requirements:

  • Members must be DDD eligible or will pay on a fee-for-service basis
  • Must have had a physical within 1 year of intake and up-to-date PPD
  • Potential members will be interviewed for their histories related to social, behavioral, and medical needs
  • Must supply CAU with a medication list
  • Must supply CAU with the latest psychological evalutation

CAU firmly believes and practices a hands-off approach when it comes to situations when a member may become physically aggressive. Instances of physical aggression may affect the individual’s ability to continue in the CAU Day Program and is subject to review on an individual basis.

Self-Directed Day Program

Individuals who are in need of one-on-one support may be supported by the self-directed day program. Participants will design their individual day program which may include:

  • Job development
  • Job readiness
  • College courses
  • Community integration activities including fitness, meal preparation, cleaning instruction and more

Once a plan is in place, the following supports are available:

  • Guidance with college enrollment, attendance, and associated coursework
  • Resume development and assistance completing job applications
  • Transportation to and from commitments, and independent travel training
  • Connection and support with volunteer activities
  • Budgeting and basic skills education for literacy and math

Self-directed Day Program services are approved through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) or may be purchased as a fee-for-services.

Contact Us

For more information regarding Employment Services at CAU, please contact, Fredia McKinnie, Assistant Executive Director of Employment Services at 908-354-3040 x4645 or

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