Behavioral Management

Behavioral Management include supports provided either in the home or in the community to individuals and their families. Specifically, behavioral services may include:

  • Complete assessment of the challenging behavior (s)
  • Development and implementation of a structured behavioral modification plan
  • Ongoing training and supervision of caregivers and behavioral aides
  • Periodic reassessment of the behavioral plan

Behavioral modification plans utilize individual and/or group counseling, behavioral interventions, diagnostic evaluations, or consultations and help individuals to acquire or maintain appropriate interactions with others and ensure their successful involvement within their community.

In-home behavioral support services are guided by the principles of the Positive Behavioral Supports and Applied Behavioral Analysis. The assessment process, as well as the intervention plan, focuses on a person’s family centered values approach.

Our Method

CAU has employed a qualified team of staff to assist the members supported and their families. Their credentials include:

  • Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA)
  • Masters and Doctorate in Psychology
  • Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Working together with the member and their family or caregiver, the behaviorist will write a functional behavior assessment (FBA) that will then be reviewed and approved by a BCBA before being reviewed with the family. Each report includes a Behavioral Support Plan that includes an outline of goals and justification for each individual. These goals will be designed around person centered values and family needs.

Proactive Strategies
CAU uses proactive and positive behavioral strategies in to teach skills that help the individuals we support live happily within the community. Examples include:

  • Encouraging the member to identify the meaning of his/her body signs and respond to them without aggression
  • Promoting alternative ways to communicate their wants and needs
  • Learning how to identify trustworthy people in her environment
  • Develop relaxation skills when the individual is not in crisis so that they may utilize them during moments when they are in crisis
  • Facilitating access to meaningful socialization experiences with friends and peers

The CAU team also utilizes strategies such as incentive plans, individualized and group counseling sessions and staff and natural supports training.

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