Home Share Program

The last housing option the CAU offers is our Home Share Program.  Home sharing is an alternative way for people to meet their housing needs that provides numerous benefits to both homeowners and renters alike. This is an arrangement by which two or more unrelated people share a dwelling within each retains a private space.  Shared arrangements might involve a homeowner and renter, or two or more people renting a house or apartment together. Home share participants can arrange a regular rental agreement or exchange services for a part or all of the rent. No two home sharing situations are alike, each is tailored to the needs and desires to the people involved.

Services Included: – Matching of home owners with home seekers – Checking of references – Interviews with home providers and home seekers – Information and referral services – Three months of follow up and limited support services

What are the Benefits: – Lowest financial burden – Provides companionship – Gives a sense of security – Mutual support – Prevents loss of home – Affordable housing

How to Apply: – Home provider and/or home seeker will contact the Home Share Program – Information is taken and an application mailed – References will be requested – Visit to home provider’s residence is required by program staff – Personal interviews with program staff

All Interested Applicants Should Be Aware: Though the Home Share Program will make every effort to support matches and refer individuals to appropriate services, the Home Share Program is not responsible for: – Emergency Housing – Legal, lease agreements or financial assistance – Matching a provider and/or seeker within a specific period of time – Misrepresentation by either provider and/or seeker – Decisions or agreement made between a provider and seeker