Home First: Financial Stability Program

The Home First: Financial Stability Program (HFFS)  initiated by Community Access Unlimited is a community-wide service available to individuals who need assistance managing their Social Security benefits.  While the program is accessible to any individual in the community in need of assistance, the HFFS program can specifically help homeless individuals in New Jersey maintain a stable living situation.

The program ensures that participants continue to receive their Social Security entitlements and that they adequately maintain payment for their basic needs such as housing and utilities and that these needs are paid on time directly to the provider.

HFFSP has a comprehensive financial system in place with the latest technology to:

  • Manage the participant’s funds
  • Provide bookkeeping records to SSA
  • Work directly with landlords to pay for the particiant’s rent & utilities
  • Provide the remaining funds to the participants directly for personal use

Our qualified program staff will also provide guidance to participants on how to obtain and maintain other county and state benefits, including Section 8, food stamps, low income housing, and more.

How does the program work?

First, CAU will apply to become the particiant’s Representative Payee.  Then, CAU will create a budget plan for the participant and obtain expense information through a one-on-one interview.

Upon receiving the participant’s benefits, HFFSP program staff will pay for the participant’s rent and utilities directly to the landlord or utility providers.  Remaining funds after these transactions are then distributed to the participants based on the method agreed upon, such as a check or direct deposit to a Bank account by the 5th of the month.

HFFSP staff will prepare periodic budget statements for the participant and provide to authorized recipients to account for the benefits provided to the individual.

Fee Structure

As per Social Security Administration regulations, a services fee of $41 or 10% (whichever is lower) will be deducted from the participant’s SS benefits upon receiving the benefits from SSA and before paying any of the bills.

For more information on this program, please contact Program Coordinator at 908-354-3040