Certified Home Health Aid Training Program

Preparing you to deliver the highest quality medical and personal care to individuals in the community.

Becoming a Certified Home Health Care Aide (CHHCA) can mean opening the door to a career of infinite possibilities.  Upon completion of this program, you will be able to provide comprehensive medical and personal care, while also developing opportunities for community integration and inclusion.

CHHCA Qualifications:

All Certified Home Health Care Aides are instructed by two in-house registered nurses.

The CHHCA training includes:

  • Both instruction and hands on training with medical equipment, mannequins, and teaching tools
  • 3 weeks of instruction and a required 76 hours of training that include:
    • 60 hours of theory for all body systems and health related disease processes
    • 16 hours of clinical hands on training

Graduates are able to sit for the NJ Board of Nursing certificate exam on site and be eligible for certification within 6 weeks.

Our Certified Home Health Care Aides are trained to assist in:

  • Medicaid & Medicare eligibility
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Housekeeping
  • Basic culinary skills & safety
  • Fire safety
  • Special Care of immobile individuals and basic knowledge of all body systems
  • Prevention strategies to avoid & recognize the onset of medical complications

Who to Contact:

If you are interested in becoming a CHHCA, please contact us:

Jo Anna Hamilton, R.N.    (908) 354-3040 x4601
Robyn Wright                   (908) 354-3040 x4239

or electronically at info@caunj.org