Vehicle Donation

Community Access Unlimited started the Vehicle Donation Program as a way to aid youth and individuals with disabilities who wished to complete their drivers test and gain the independence that comes with owning a vehicle.

Thanks to the generous donors and partners of CAU, members are able to travel on their own giving them the ability to get to work, school or social gatherings more freely.

Unlike other car donation programs, CAU does not take cars to sell or scrap them, which often results in donors receiving only a percentage of their value.

By donating a vehicle to CAU, 100% of your donation will be utilized by the agency and CAU members. Vehicles that may qualify for donation include vehicles that are new, gently used, or vehicles needing minor body or mechanical work. At the time of donation, the owner of the car must have the title to the vehicle.

How to Donate A Car:

It starts with a phone call or email to the Development Department at 908-354-3040 or

We’ll gather some information about the car including the make, model, year, mileage of the vehicle, and a brief description of the condition of the vehicle.

An inspection will be set up so that the agency’s mechanic can inspect the vehicle and assess any additional repair the car requires before given to the recipient. Vehicles may be inspected at the potential donor’s home or at the CAU Garage in Roselle, NJ.

Once the vehicle is approved for donation, and the title transferred to CAU, the owner will receive a donation letter naming the contribution as a charitable donation, that is tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

For a informational brochure about our program, please click here.

For more information, or with any questions, please contact the Development Department at