Transitional Opportunities Program (TOP)

The Transitional Opportunities Program (TOP) provides a variety of residential services  to at-risk youth ages 13-21.  Youth living in any county are able to enter the program through a referral made by DCP&P or NJ-CSOC.

While residing in Elizabeth, youth receive a variety of independent living services and transitional living support services until they achieve the life skills needed to live independently. We refer to participants of our program as “members”.

Levels of the TOP Program:

Members are accepted at the following level of the program depending on the assessment of data and the member’s level of need:

  • Group Home
  • Supervised Transitional Living Program (STLP)
  • Semi-Independent
  • Supported Housing

Youth enrolled in the TOP day program actively participate in an employment training workshop, a GED program, or volunteer job practicum. Each member must be involved in a minimum of a 30 hour per week activity.

TOP members receive services such as 24 hour supervised residential living, community services, daily living skills training (in areas such as budgeting, food shopping, laundry, career planning, and job placement), case management, advocacy & outreach, education in accordance with the NJ Approved Life Skills Curriculum, and drug and alcohol awareness education.


To be eligible for the TOP services:
– Youth have an involvement in a CSOC/DCP&P/UCM Case or are a self-referral
– be 13-21 years of age
– have the potential for self medication
– have the ability to participate in a day program – i.e. vocational workshop, competitive employment, or school
– have no psychiatric hospitalization within the last year
– have no fire setting within the past 2 years
– have no serious criminal behavior within the past year
– have no serious physical violence within the past year
– are not actively abusing drugs or alcohol
– must have a willingness to comply with program rules and structure
– only Tier 1 sex offenders

All cases are evaluated on an individual basis. These criteria serve only as a general guideline.

For more information on the TOP Program, please contact the TOP Intake Department at 908-354-3040 x4394