Youth Transitioning to Adult Services

Tips for Upcoming Graduates:

For young adults with disabilities, graduation means more then receiving the coveted high school diploma.  For those young adults turning 21 it signifies the exhaustion of their educational entitlement and the point at which it becomes necessary for the young adult to transition from services under the Department of Children & Families (DCF) to the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).

The 2019 Graduates Guide is here! The Division of Developmental Disabilities publishes a timeline for individuals graduating to help guide them through the process of transition and can be found by clicking here.

CAU can provide you with assistance in the transition by:

  • Help you through the application process so that you may be approved to receive services through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)
  • Assist in the process that will ensure Medicaid eligibility and through our Representative Payeeship Program can assist you maintain Medicaid status
  • Help you understand the NJ-Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJ-CAT) and guide you through completion
  • Direct you to one of our Planning for Adult Life sessions that will educate you and your family on the services available through the NJ-DDD, Service Providers, and what natural and community resources are available to help maintain a full and active life for your loved one. Please scroll down for more information.
  • Either suggest a qualified Support Coordinator or become your Support Coordinator and work together to build a person-centered support plan that utilizes your Supports Plan budget and community resources to maximize your loved ones life
  • Providing mentorship and answer any questions you may have through this new life experience

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Planning For Adult Life:

As young adults aged 18-21 are transitioning from youth services provided by DCF to adult services provided by the DDD, families and guardians have many questions throughout the transition. Where do we begin? How can my son or daughter be eligible? What’s out there for my family?

Host or attend a Planning For Adult Life Session at your upcoming event or school meeting!  We’ll travel statewide!

Presentations are targeted to help families and individuals with disabilities learn about the next steps that youth with disabilities face upon graduation from public education their transition to adult services.

Topics of the presentations include those on advocacy, self directed services, and support coordination.

Contact us to learn more about upcoming Planning For Adult Life Sessions or to host one at your school or event:  908-354-3040 x4272 or