How do we do it?

CAU Support Coordinators will assist participants connect with the supports and services they need to achieve their personal goals.  This starts with the development of the participant’s individualized support plan.

During a series of  initial meetings, telephone calls, and exchanges, the assigned Support Coordinator (SC) will get to know each participant and their family.  The SC will inquire about current support needs, community resources, and natural supports (family, neighbors, and community) that are available to the participant.  Programs and services by local, state, and federal agencies will be examined.

CAU support coordinators will provide linkage and coordination with all appropriate supports. This will result in a unique service plan that will become each participant’s blueprint for the future.

Once a plan is developed, the SC will approve the plan and assist in the implementation of the plan.  Each Coordinator will continue to follow up and stays in communication with families to assist with any revisions or changes as necessary through monthly contact, quarterly face-to-face visits and an annual home visit.

Facts about the CAU Support Coordination Team

  • CAU has a large participant base of more than 700 individuals throughout New Jersey
  • As one of the only Support Coordination agency with the authorization to approve their own support plans,  CAU can ensure that support plans are crafted efficiently and implemented quickly
  • Each coordinator typically supports 50 individuals (for full timers) and 30 individuals (for part-timers)
  • Most support coordinators have worked at CAU for three or more years
  • Families and coordinators are matched based off their location and availability that allows them to connect with families based on their schedule.
  • Coordinators attend professional trainings related to support coordination, crisis training, community building, and integration and employment
  • CAU Coordinators are dedicated to utilizing natural and community-based resources and often tour local providers to build a database of reliable options for those they support
  • Coordinators ensure that individuals they support are linked to resources that celebrate their culture and religious beliefs
  • Need help? Support Coordination operates a 24 hour on-call system in the event of an emergency
  • All coordinators have a Bachelor’s degree and are required to attend classes in Person Centered Thinking/Planning to help put the individuals’ interests first when writing plans. They also receive mentoring from their supervisors and work together to share their collective wealth of knowledge
  • All families have access to the leadership team within the Support Coordination department to give them the opportunity to provide feedback on services and supports


To speak with a representative from our Support Coordination team, contact us here.  For more information about Support Coordination and resources available, click here.